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Throughout the community of NEDAS, a grassroots association located at the intersection of wireline and wireless with a goal of improving communications infrastructure, a key cornerstone of the association’s mission is facilitating an inclusive, active environment where participation and collaboration is encouraged. While many industry events throughout the realm of IT and telecom deliver panels that are focusing on critical topics, the audiences at many of these conferences are largely passive. In the eyes of NEDAS, the key to refreshing and invigorating actionable discussion is finding ways to promote engaging educational opportunities. 

To discuss this shift other industry topics, episode two of the NEDAS Live! Podcast, hosted by Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS and CEO of iMiller Public Relations, and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair of the NEDAS Advisory Council and North American Director of Sales for Comba Telecom, welcomed two industry insiders. Douglas Fishman, Director of DAS Design and Implementation for SQUAN, and Gary Terrill, Engineer Manager of Enterprise Network at Freddie Mac, discussed the importance of facilitating engagement and explored the evolving telecom workforce. 

One topic that the NEDAS community is actively working on and discussing at its events is that of monetizing the investments that are coming along with the switch from 4G to 5G. When it comes to building owners and IT directors justifying, investing in and promoting return on next-gen deployments, Terrill notes that one way to look at it is that it’s enabling workforces to advance. While many are looking at things as a move toward 5G, Terrill states that he sees it as an investment in next-generation workforces that can work more efficiently and potentially in closer quarters, enabling greater monetization of space. He cites an example in which empowering individuals working overtime to stream a soccer game enabled them to balance getting work done while not having to miss out on what they wanted to see outside of work. 

Overall, it’s true that the lines between technology and the workforce are blurring. Duties can be taken outside of the immediate workplace and accomplished on necessary timelines without as much restriction of employee lives and activities. Subsequently, this demand for seamless connectivity both inside and outside of the building does put pressure on deployments. However, if networks can grow to accommodate this seamless connectivity, then businesses will achieve return on every single email that is capable of being answered outside of work and every task that can be taken care of on the employee’s mobile phone. 

The future of mobility, workforce flexibility, deployment and business return, at the end of the day, depends on putting industry minds together. Whether it’s empowering in-building solutions or figuring out new ways to strategize and share ideas on project financials, it’s clear that the NEDAS community is at the forefront of education and collaboration. 

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