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Delivers significantly reduced total cost-of-ownership (TCO) through industry-leading power consumption efficiency, flexibility and intelligence

SOLiDDAS and Small Cells Congress, New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) June 9, 2015 – SOLiD, a wireless densification infrastructure company, today launched its new 20W ALLIANCE™ DAS (distributed antenna system) which enables coverage and capacity at large venues and outdoor areas including stadia, campuses and dense urban streetscapes in a package that delivers lower total cost of ownership (TCO), flexibility to support multiple bands and operators, and intelligence to simplify commissioning of the network as well as to conserve power during off-peak hours.

“The driving force for innovative densification solutions is the data tsunami,” said Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts LLC.

Solid-img“Data demand is increasingly ‘peaky’ and ‘spotty’, so capacity is generally not where you need it or when you need it.”

The SOLiD ALLIANCE 20W, which replaces the company’s TITAN 20W DAS with support for multiple wireless operators on a single platform that requires only a single strand of fiber, is ideal for providing wireless service at large venues and highly-populated areas because it eliminates the need for multiple, parallel infrastructure. SOLiD delivers up to four discrete inputs per band with independent RF power control so each wireless operator is guaranteed the same level of power output. SOLiD’s patented digital THOR™ amplifier technology improves power efficiency of the 20W

ALLIANCE DAS by up to 40% comparatively while reducing the physical footprint. The amplifiers are not only smaller in dimension but also lighter in weight, which results in smaller, more aesthetic enclosures that are easier to install in more places.

The ALLIANCE 20W is the first DAS solution to possess “green mode” intelligence which, based on capacity use, enables the system to further reduce power consumption. Additionally, the DAS features EasySet™, SOLiD’s one-click auto-commissioning software that reduces installation costs and simplifies system commissioning and optimization.

Plus, the ALLIANCE 20W integrates flexible, modular combining options to support multiple outdoor antenna manufacturers.

“The wireless densification industry is evolving at a fast pace to enable our connected world,” said Seth Buechley, president of SOLiD USA. “We’re continuing to drive technology innovations such as the ALLIANCE 20W DAS that address stakeholder total cost of ownership concerns and extend the wireless network to help keep mobile users connected and safe.”

The SOLiD ALLIANCE 20W is available starting today.

Visit SOLiD at DAS and Small Cells Congress in Booth #105 to learn more about the SOLiD ALLIANCE 20W and the SOLiD densification portfolio.


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