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Boonton, NJ — April 19, 2017 — RD Microwaves is introducing a new time saving test component, for DAS in-building segment testing. The New Model CK-A08 combines two similar products into one. It includes an open +-short-+precision load and Low PIM 40 Watt load into a single compact portable unit ideal for field testing. What’s more, the Model CK-A08 with its light weight design will cost about half of existing similar products.

A growing number of DAS system integrators and installers working with RD Microwaves have been clamoring for a more efficient tool to save valuable test time and reduce redundancy of PIM and sweep testing in DAS systems. The Model CK-A08 was designed to meet that need.

RD Microwaves continues to supply a full array of DAS system components being used in local and international in -building and in-tunnel applications, including the low PIM Combiners, Splitters, Attenuators and low PIM cable antenna feeds. The associated test components have been a natural progression for complete system installation support and service.

Visit us at the NEDAS 2017 NYC Spring Summit, New York Academy of Medicine, 1216 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029.

About RD Microwaves

Located in Boonton NJ, RD Microwaves designs and manufactures an extensive array of passive rf-microwave components for wireless, DAS, in building and public safety markets. The emphasis is on low PIM performance for DAS applications, in addition to general purpose microwave components with frequencies up to 26 GHz .Products include Directional Couplers, Power Dividers,  taps, Splitters, Hybrids and Combiners, low PIM cable jumpers and test cables,  low PIM Terminations and Attenuators, Filter-Diplexers-cross band Couplers, high voltage DC blocks, and rack mounted subassemblies. Most popular connector types include 7-16DIN, MINIDIN 4.1-9.5 and 4.3-10, Type N, SMA, QMA.

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