Proficient With The RF, Microwave, IoT, And EW Markets, RFEMX Provides Valuable Technical Writing And Media Content Creation Services.

May 18, 2015 (New York City, New York | International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2015) — Radio Frequency And Electromagnetics Exchange (RFEMX) is announcing its opening at IMS 2015. Jean-Jacques DeLisle, MSEE, is founding RFEMX as a technical writing and media content creation organization with expertise in the RF, IoT, and EW industries. From feature articles to technical papers, RFEMX offers an engineer’s expertise and a writers flare to conveying technical content with authority.

Fields Of Expertise:

  • RF, Microwave, & Millimeter-wave Technology
  • Telecommunications Technology
  • Wireless Standards/Technology, IoT, & M2M
  • Electronic Warfare, Signal Intelligence, & Radar

Core Competencies Include:

  • Technical Writing & Trends Analysis
  • Feature Articles & Press Releases
  • Application Notes & White Papers
  • Product Reviews & Product Trends Analysis
  • Interviews, Q&As, & FAQs
  • Technical Proposals, Papers, & Patents

“I have seen a need with many organizations within the RF, IoT, and EW industries struggling to convey their expertise or offerings.” Said Jean-Jacques DeLisle, Principle of RFEMX. “My goal is to provide an objective and expert perspective to technical writing and media creation for these industries. I believe that strong technical content can be a huge differentiating factor for organizations in our industries fighting to reach their target audiences. Lastly, I am excited to open my company for business in service to our industry and hope to provide value to your organization soon.”

Professional technical writing and media helps boost your signal and cuts through the interference to reach your audience. With less technically skilled staff available to produce quality content, many organizations find that their critical messages are being lost beneath the noise floor. At RFEMX, we are dedicated to helping our industry showcase its expertise, products, and services through technical writing and media creation.

For information and inquiries you can visit, contact, or call +1-251-873-0593.


Primary Contact:
Jean-Jacques DeLisle
Principle, RFEMX
+1 251-873-0593