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Originally posted on Data Center POST

DE-CIX, the operator of the world’s largest Internet Exchange (IX) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, recently announced its findings after observing the way customers have been utilizing the Internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of public restrictions and preventative measures to keep viral spread down, including social distancing and enterprise workloads moving online, DE-CIX noted a strong change in data traffic and Internet usage behavior among its customers. 

At the time of observation, the average level of data traffic at DE-CIX Frankfurt increased by 10 percent compared to just a week prior. Compared to the weeks leading up to the coronavirus measures, there had also been a significant increase (about 50 percent) in video conferencing traffic through platforms such as Skype, Teams and WebEx, as well as an increase of about 25 percent in online and cloud gaming. There was also a significant increase in traffic from social media usage, and the number of registered VPN (Virtual Private Network) users had also seen an uptick. Looking beyond the company’s Frankfurt location, DE-CIX expects to see similar results among its other IXs. Overall, demand for additional customer capacities has increased by 20 percent worldwide across all DE-CIX Internet nodes since the beginning of March, 2020. 

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