Hotels are Upgrading Their In-Building Coverage Through Wifi, Femtocells, and DAS Systems to Meet iPad and iPhone Users” Needs

  • Post on September 10th, 2012

By on January 23, 2012in WiFi News

Good news for travelers lamenting about hotel Wi-Fi! Hotels are finally upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure to meet the needs of iPad, iPhone and laptop users. Last October, Andy Abramson posted an article entitled Why Hotel Wi-Fi Is Being Crushed By iPads And What To Do About It in which he detailed what hotels needed to do to improve guests’ Wi-Fi experience (in a nutshell: upgrade!). With more visitors using iPads, hotels are faced with angry guests who complain that the hotel’s Wi-Fi network is too slow or drops their connections. Face it: if you are in the hospitality business, you have to be “hospitable” and accommodate your guests’ needs, and these days they arrive with iPads. READ MORE…