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In February, ZenFi Networks participated in a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the launch of the first Gigabit Center in New York City. The Gigabit Center is the first of its kind, and is set to provide high-speed Internet, technology innovation and small business development powered by the free LinkNYC public WiFi. Bridging the digital divide is ZenFi Networks mission. Being partnered with CityBridge, which operates one of the world’s largest public Wi-Fi networks, LinkNYC, means ZenFi Networks can help expand their mission. 

As part of its agreement with the City of New York, CityBridge is obligated to develop publicly accessible digital facilities that can create the potential for social good, and is well on its way to fulfilling that responsibility in partnership with ZenFi Networks. The Silicon Harlem Gigabit Center was a collaboration between the city of New York, Intersection, ZenFi Networks, CityBridge, LinkNYC, Silicon Harlem and the C-Better Foundation. These facilities will provide free public Wi-Fi access via the LinkNYC network, along with digital literacy training, free access to laptops and workstations, and other services to further help bridge the digital divide. Since entering ZenFi Network’s original agreement with CityBridge, they have actively been looking to install and provide these services to the underserved communities in New York City. 

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