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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital infrastructure, companies like DC BLOX are at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. In the latest NEDAS Live! Episode, host Ilissa Miller explored this digital world with Bill Thomson, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at DC BLOX. Together, they explored the company’s remarkable journey from a traditional data center operator to a vertically integrated digital infrastructure provider.

Thomson shares his remarkable journey in the technology industry – from his beginnings at AT&T and background in computer science and technology management – Thomson’s career has been characterized by a commitment to implementing change and innovation. He highlights the pivotal role of AT&T in trailblazing the commercialization of the internet, setting the stage for his later endeavors in digital infrastructure.

Thomson further discusses the company’s expansion into underserved markets in the Southeast, including the development of cable landing stations and dark fiber networks. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, including data center colocation, connectivity, and interconnection, DC BLOX is reshaping the digital landscape of the region.

The importance of infrastructure in facilitating technological advancements such as AI and machine learning is also emphasized. Thomson highlights DC BLOX’s investment in high-density compute infrastructure to support emerging technologies and meet the growing demands of customers. By fortifying digital infrastructure capabilities, DC BLOX is empowering businesses and communities in the Southeast to thrive in the digital age.

Thomson underscores the significance of relationships in DC BLOX’s success, both in navigating regulatory challenges and fostering partnerships with customers and government entities. He shares anecdotes about the company’s ability to expedite projects and overcome obstacles through its strong network of connections. With a focus on customer satisfaction and community engagement, DC BLOX continues to distinguish itself as a reliable and innovative player in the digital infrastructure space.

Thomson’s journey, that eventually led him to DC BLOX, exemplifies the dynamic nature of the digital infrastructure industry, where innovation and adaptability are essential for success. By staying ahead of technological trends and prioritizing customer relationships, DC BLOX is poised to shape the future of digital infrastructure in the Southeast and beyond.

Tune in to NEDAS Live! Episode 50, “Understanding the Shifts in Digital Infrastructure: Insights from DC BLOX,” to hear Thomson’s insights on the pivotal role DC BLOX is playing in driving innovation and enabling growth. Click here to listen.

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