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By T.C. Sottek on Email @LaughingStoic

Transit Wireless has been working with New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to bring cellular service to 277 of the system’s stations, and the company says it’s on-track to bring service to 30 additional stations by the first quarter of 2013. The company says that it’s still working on getting agreements with cell providers โ€” it’s locked in T-Mobile and AT&T โ€” but is still in talks with Sprint and Verizon. The company says that carriers had to upgrade their backhaul to accomodate for underground use โ€” it says customers use only 20 percent of voice traffic underground compared to an above-ground cell site, but 5 times more data. The expansion due early next year will bring wireless service to heavy traffic stations like Times Square, Columbus Circle, and Rockefeller center.