Jodd ReadickUser Centric Communications, Inc – Chairman

    Jodd has spent over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, product innovator, and management consultant. His multidisciplinary career covers a variety of industries and includes highly specialized telecom expertise. Jodd has designed and managed telecom infrastructure systems, and software as an entrepreneur and Fortune 100 executive.

    Co-founder of three innovative telecom firms: User Centric Communications (enterprise grade telecom carrier, named by Deloitte as the 6th fastest growing Tech Firm in NYC), (patented anonymous phone numbers to protect personal identity), DMI Communications (1st international carrier offering pre-paid and walk in services).

    Jodd has significant experience working with Fortune 100 companies. He spent 5 years as Manager of Marketing and Strategic Planning for the DuPont unit that created the Rapid Interactive Prototyping methodology (now known as Agile Development). Previously, he spent 6 years as a subject matter expert for Arthur Anderson focused on M&A transactions for Samsung and AT&T. Jodd created the least cost routing system for NYNEX Mobile, advised Wells Fargo on call center architecture, and created the first expert system for medical collection billing for Beth Israel Hospital and, perhaps, the first auto-dialer (sorry). He holds an issued patent for Vumber, and a filed international application for an AI based system for a lung cancer detection method.

    Co-Founder of Unwired Mobile, a patented blockchain technology allowing international mobile roaming at 80% discount from existing rates.

    Jodd is the CEO of LymeLog, a medical app to track symptoms and treatments of 1 million chronic Lyme patients.

    And is creating the IoT infrastructure for, which increases crop yields by over 20% by increasing the amount of useable light under the canopy of trees.

    Jodd serves on the Board of Advisors for numerous startups. He is active angel investor and a founding member of the New York chapter of Keiretsu Forum, the world’s largest angel investing network. He holds a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence from Stony Brook University. He graduated from Stuyvesant High School, where he connected the computer lab to the ARPANET in 1974. He was one of the original phone phreaks, which predated computer hacking.