Jason SuplitaVice President Americas – Ranplan Wireless

    With a track record of identifying the various growing segments within the telecom industry for over 14 years, Mr. Suplita recently joined Ranplan Wireless. His aim, to leverage the unique capabilities of the Ranplan portfolio to assist industry leaders when addressing the complexities associated to the designing of modern telecom systems for commercial, private and public safety requirements.

    Using the Ranplan solution, it is now possible to view the various pitfalls that have plagued traditional in-building design engineers with not being able to consider the impact to, and of, outdoor small cell, O-DAS and macro sectors with their deployments. Ranplan allows design and optimization engineers to visualize multiple technologies coverage relationships between in-building, multiple building and urban environments.

    With the visualization of the indoor and outdoor design relationship, Mr. Suplita will explore how macro sectors and densified networks interact under one prediction model. Allowing engineers to properly identify, design for, and comply with targets set within coverage areas that are not traditionally addressed by the telecom network. Additionally, Mr. Suplita will discuss how these can have a significant impact the communications for a first responder when entering a situation.

    Prior to joining Ranplan Wireless, Mr. Suplita served as a Regional Director for major macro radio frequency, microwave and Geodata product suites where he oversaw strategic planning, engagement planning, staff coordination and resource management for deployment of radio frequency design and optimization solutions within major operators, transportation and public safety segments. Prior to entering a career in telecommunications, Mr. Suplita served in the back-office automation industry, deploying efficiency-strategies through automation of business processes and in the United States Army, where he was responsible for deploying critical communications equipment in both active and non-active theatres of war operations with honors.