Speaking Opportunities

NEDAS is now accepting speaking submissions for our 2017 events.

The following opportunities are available:

-Panel discussions

Up to six individuals will be selected to engage in a discussion on a particular topic or issue with the goal of providing insights, comments, challenges and brainstorm solutions to problems or to discuss issues of concern to the in-building wireless community.

-Lunch & Learn Presentation

An hour long presentation or set-of presentations combined to deliver information on a specific topic related to the in-building wireless industry. Attendees will be served lunch while the presenter(s) share information in an interesting and engaging manner. Interactive conversation is encouraged.

-Lightning Talks

A lightning talk is a very short presentation or speech by any attendee on any topic relevant to the NEDAS audience.  These are limited to five minutes; this will be strictly enforced.


What to Submit:

– Topic you would like to discuss

– Title and short abstract for your proposed topic (100-200 words)

– Type of presentation (single presenter,panel discussion or Lightning Talk)

– The companies, names, titles and bios of the single presenter or participants you plan to include on your panel  




If you have a topic that’s timely, interesting or even a crackpot idea you want to share, we encourage you to consider presenting it.

– The NEDAS management team will decide which submissions are relevant and choose the best ones to be presented.

Use of slides is optional.  All slides must be in the NEDAS Powerpoint Template and format, and will be loaded in advance onto the speaker laptop on the podium.