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Leading provider of Distributed Antenna Systems for cellular networks teams with ADRF to install solutions that prevent in-building wireless signal disruption for public safety personnel

RoamingAround, hospitality’s mobile-technology expert, is fortifying its portfolio with code-compliant public safety wireless solutions to help commercial businesses meet rigorous municipal requirements for building occupancy. Working in tandem with Advanced RF Technologies Inc. (ADRF) of Burbank, Calif., RoamingAround is now offering a public safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and dual band (VHF/UHF) repeater that works independently or on the same infrastructure as its popular RoamBOOST DAS for cellular networks. This digital filtering technology eliminates adjacent channel interference, making it possible for first responders and building tenants to have clear communications each time, every time.

“In the case of an emergency, it is crucial that all buildings support wireless communications for first responders, such as the police and fire department,” said Pam Angelucci, RoamBOOST Senior Vice President. “The International Fire Code now requires full indoor coverage for public safety in all buildings, new or existing, and FCC regulations require commercial buildings to reduce interference of Radio Frequency signals to ensure open channel communications in public safety situations. As such, we have teamed with ADRF to equip buildings with Bi-Directional RF Amplifiers and other equipment necessary for preventing in-building wireless signal disruption.”

By offering a Fire/Life Safety code-compliant RF platform to support VHF, UHF, 700MHz and 800MHz frequency bands most commonly used by public safety agencies, RoamBOOST is solving the problem of indoor coverage for public safety communications without any interference with commercial cellular networks. In addition to performing site assessments to determine DAS requirements for boosting cellular signals propertywide, RoamBOOST will also create designs, manage and coordinate installations of the ADRF public safety DAS and Repeater to meet federal rules and county codes.

“Today RoamBOOST is offering the most advanced technological platform for improving critical communications in systems for first responders,” Angelucci said. “These proven solutions are making buildings safer, as RoamBOOST is committed to delivering truly mission-critical wireless services.”

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