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Originally posted on the Independent Data Center Alliance

Bluebird Network, a communication infrastructure provider, expands across the Midwest with a new fiber build in Monmouth, Illinois with more than 500 towers.  This new fiber build will result in improved internet connectivity.   The Monmouth community now has 4.1 route miles of Bluebird Network fiber with the addition of the 2.1 mile expansion.  

Over the last year, with the pandemic, the demand was high for high speed internet access.  “COVID-19 has accelerated the need for increased access to high-speed internet connections throughout the Midwest,” comments Bruce Garrison, Chief Revenue Officer of Bluebird. “The digital divide is serious, and even communities with solid infrastructure need increased, scalable and competitive bandwidth capabilities.  Healthcare facilities, banks, schools, and multi-sited businesses within every industry are adopting digital transformation initiatives requiring applications at the edge, access to more data and working to enrich the lives of their customers and communities.”

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