NEDAS Webinar Series: New NY Broadband Grant Program

LIVE WEBINAR: New NY Broadband Grant Program


February 17, 2016, 2:00 PM ET




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David E. Bronston, Special Counsel, New York City, Phillips Lytle LLP

David E Bronston

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Reserve your space today for the first of the year in a series of Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association (NEDAS) webinars, “New NY Broadband Grant Program,” taking place Wednesday, February 17 at 2:00 PM ET.  



On January 11, New York State issued a $500 million solicitation for private sector partners to join the New NY Broadband Program, with a focus on unserved and underserved areas.  The program calls for applications for funding to provide access to broadband at speeds of at least 100 Mpbs in most places, and 25 Mpbs in the most remote areas, with priority given to applications that will provide broadband to unserved communities, libraries and SUNY-affiliated institutions. The program will require a private sector co-investment and will only support projects that were not part of an applicant’s capital expenditure plan prior to filing.  

Learn the intricacies and requirements of the application process as well as the schedule for applications and ultimate rollout by registering for the webinar today.