NEDAS NYC Summit 2018 – Agenda



8:00 AM
Participants:Check in and pick up your name badge at registration on the 4th floor


8:45 AM
Session Title:Welcome Address
Participants:Ilissa Miller, President, Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association (NEDAS)


8:50 AM
Session Title:Master of Ceremonies
Participants:Steve Multer, President, SKM Creative


9:00-9:30 AM
Session Title:Evolution of Fiber Networks and 5G
Participants:Jack Waters, CTO & President of Fiber Solutions, Zayo


9:30-9:45 AM
Session Title:Future of Urban Design
Participants:Jason Suplita, Vice President Americas, Ranplan Wireless


9:45-10:30 AM
Session Title:Enabling Carrier Connectivity in Enterprise Funded Buildings
Moderator:Steve Yapsuga, Director, North American Sales, Comba Telecom
Participants:Ed Myers, Regional VP, CHEYTEC; Keith Pennachio, EVP & Head of Strategy, SQUAN; Jodd Readick, Chairman, User Centric Communications, Inc; Bryan Goldberg, Director Small Cell Real Estate, Network HQ, Verizon
Description:As Enterprise owners become more aggressive in their desire to deploy and fund DAS networks in their buildings, it remains a challenge to ensure wireless carrier participation in these networks.  This panel will discuss the various options and approaches to provide carrier services within Enterprise funded buildings, and ways of working within the carrier space to bring these systems to fruition within a reasonable timeframe.
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10:30-10:55 AM
Session Title:Demystifying 5G
Participants:Lori Blair, Director, Radio & Indoor Small Cells, Ericsson and Gheorge Spiride, Technical Solutions Manager, Ericsson


10:55-11:15 AM
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10:55 AM-8:00 PM
Session Title:Tabletop Exhibits Open
Participants:All registrants welcome


11:15-11:35 AM
Session Title:TECH HIRING CHALLENGES: How to Profit from the Ultra-Tight Job Market
Participants:Carrie Charles, President, BroadStaff


11:35-12:00 PM
Session Title:Antenna Challenges & Solutions; The changing dynamics of in-building cellular coverage
Moderator:Rob Tymchyshyn, CEO, FieldClix
Participants:Greg Najjar, ADRF; Paul Fettuccia, President & General Manager, ANS Advanced Network Services LLC; Josh Broder, CEO, Tilson; and Dominic Villecco, President, V-COMM, LLC.
Description:In this session we will review the drivers of indoor wireless coverage, why things seem to be getting worse in your buildings, and discuss the various solutions available today. Benefits and challenges will be presented in a technology and vendor neutral way to help attendees assess what solution may be best to address their challenges and needs.


12:00-12:35 PM
Session Title:A Market Evolution: Building out the U.S. Infrastructure to Meet Tomorrow’s Demand
Moderator:Ari Zoldan, CEO, Quantum Media
Participants:Jim Lockwood, President, Aero Wireless Group; Alex Gamota, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Information and Communication Technologies, BigBelly; Jerry Kirshman, COO and President, Galtronics; and Victoria Lamberth, COO, ZenFi Networks
Description:Befitting for a city that never sleeps is the constant changes in technology and services to enable mobility and connectivity.  The market evolution, as evidenced by megatrends, continues to challenge cities throughout the U.S. on how to keep up with consumer demands.  Trends such as 5G, IoT and capacity hyperscaling driven by FANG companies, as well as the prevailing outlook within commercial real estate of connectivity as the fourth utility and more are key topics that will be explored. The goal is to provide case studies and examples of real solutions to problems that cities, counties and even businesses with large campuses face in today’s era of the fourth industrial revolution.


12:35-1:45 PM
Session Title:LUNCH
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12:35-1:05 PM
Presenter:Jeffery Fuller, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Intelibs


1:05-1:45 PM
Session Title:Annual Sponsor Recognition Ceremony


1:45-2:15 PM
Participants:Josh Snowhorn, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, EdgeMicro


2:15-2:45 PM
Moderator:Ilissa Miller, President, NEDAS & CEO, iMiller Public Relations
Participants:Vincenzo ‘Enzo’ Clemente, CEO, Cross River Fiber; Bill DelGrego, VP Strategy, Extenet; Eric Mercer, Director of Wireless, Transit Wireless and Jim McCulloch, Vice President of Real Estate, Vertical Bridge


2:45-3:30 PM
Session Title:PUBLIC SAFETY: Challenges and Solutions
Moderator:Michael Collado, Director of In-Building Networks Applications Marketing, Corning
Participants:Gregg Toback, Senior Field Sales Manager, Anritsu; Dino Giordano, Vice President of Products, Microlab; Ron Schnater, Managing Partner, RF Solutions; John Foley, General Manager, Safer Buildings Coalition; and Guy Jouannelle, Senior Public Safety Program Manager, Office of Unified Communications -District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)


3:30-4:00 PM
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4:00-4:15 PM
Session Title:Fireside Chat:  The Evolution of Venue Wireless Infrastructure
Participants: Avi Nebel, GTT and Ilissa Miller, President, NEDAS


4:15-5:00 PM
Session Title:FINAL KEYNOTE – Edge Needs and New Deliverable Methods
Participants:Andy Champagne, VP & CTO, Akamai Labs at Akamai Technologies; Najam Ahmed, VP, Network Engineering, Facebook; Jezzibell Gilmore, SVP Business Development, PacketFabric; and Zachary Smith, CEO, Packet Host


5:00-5:10 PM
Session Title:Wrap Up
Participants:Steve Multer, President, SKM Creative


5:10-5:15 PM
Session Title:Closing Remarks
Participants:Ilissa Miller, President, NEDAS and Co-Chair of the NEDAS Advisory Council; and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair of the NEDAS Advisory Council


5:15-8:00 PM
Session Title:Networking Reception
Participants:All registrants welcome