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The NEDAS Live! Podcast rolls out its 26th Episode – and the first for 2022 –  featuring Matt Trifiro, Chief Marketing Officer of Vapor IO, an innovative technology company operating in physical infrastructure and digital spaces, and Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS and CEO of iMiller Public Relations. Matt’s experience has given him a new understanding of the future of the internet: it must act and react faster than ever to keep up with the instant demands of machine computing. However, this level of efficiency is exclusively available in cities, and very few at that. In this episode, the pair discuss the role Vapor IO is playing in expanding the landscape of digital infrastructure and rapid connectivity to enable 5G innovation in more spaces. 

Matt explains that the way Vapor IO is accomplishing the task of making 5G connection more accessible is by utilizing smaller data centers, 20 kilowatts of power each, rather than one large hub. This innovation widens the physical area 5G is available by spreading out the points of contact and creating a more seamless and inexpensive setup. Ilissa transitions to Matt’s involvement as a co-founder in the Open Grid Alliance, an collaborative organization which allows its 30+ members to consolidate their knowledge to solve mutual problems. The pair examine some of the advancements that are made more possible thanks to this collision of ideas, such as the live digital mapping of cities. Matt discusses examples of its success thus far, including a project in Las Vegas which utilizes information collected by the Open Grid Alliance. In Las Vegas, Vapor IO put its plan, named Endzone, into action by setting up three of its data centers, which allows for a wide range of use across the city.

The podcast concludes with a compelling sentiment from Matt of how this technology will pave the way for digital spaces in the metaverse.

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