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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, businesses are seeking resilient solutions to navigate the complexities of modern IT infrastructure. Aureon, a prominent player in the field, is making waves in the Midwest region, particularly in the central United States. In Episode 46 of the NEDAS Live! Podcast, host Ilissa Miller explores insights with Brian Duffner, Vice President of Connectivity Solutions at Aureon.

The episode begins with Aureon’s introduction as a fiber company deeply rooted within the state of Iowa. Operating an extensive 4,500-mile network, Aureon offers a suite of services, including voice solutions, dedicated internet, and managed IT products. Brian Duffner sheds light on Aureon’s focus on enterprise B2B customers, differentiation strategies, and the unique advantage of an all-fiber network within Iowa.

As digital transformation sweeps across industries, Duffner explores the challenges faced by businesses. He discusses the impact of cloud computing, repatriation, and the growing demand for computing power in the era of AI. Aureon’s role as a solution provider for managed IT services is critical, particularly for smaller companies lacking dedicated IT resources. The conversation also touches on the significance of IT and data security in the evolving work landscape.

The discussion further explores the benefits of data sovereignty and how Aureon’s data center services empower customers to keep their data secure and local. Duffner underscores the crucial role of data centers in generating revenue for communities and discusses the advantages of offloading critical infrastructure to professionally managed facilities. Aureon’s position as a comprehensive data services provider, including secure IT solutions, is emphasized.

Duffner extends an invitation for listeners to explore Aureon’s services, highlighting the company’s status as a one-stop data services provider covering connectivity, managed IT, call center services, and data centers. As industries continue to transform, Aureon stands as a reliable partner, providing secure and efficient data services to propel businesses forward in their data journeys.

Tune in to NEDAS Live! Episode 46, “Navigating the Data Landscape with Aureon: A Comprehensive Overview,” to discover Brian Duffner’s journey with Aureon. Click here to listen.