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Originally posted to Data Center POST

Data Center POST interview with Vincentas Grinius, the Chief Executive Officer at Heficed

By Managing Editor Ilissa Miller

Heficed, the provider of the world’s first fully automated platform for the provisioning, management and engineering of IP addresses. Heficed empowers businesses to effortlessly scale worldwide with IP addresses, cloud servers and bare metal under one platform. With its headquarters in London and server locations in every continent, Heficed is an IP address-oriented company offering flexible and custom IP address infrastructure solutions, cloud services and dedicated servers. At the core of Heficed‘s business is its world‘s first automated IP address infrastructure engineering platform, which streamlines the process of leasing and managing IP addresses.

Vincentas Grinius is a vision driven progressive IT entrepreneur with deep technical understanding and commercial acumen. Vincentas brings to bear over 17 years of experience in conceiving, developing and leading successful IT businesses.

With ITW 2019 quickly approaching, we sat down to chat with Vincentas to talk about how Heficed is solving its customer problems and what’s on the horizon for the company.

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