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Justin Matney, Director of Resource Integration at Quantum Loophole, was a featured guest on NEDAS Live! with episode #47 dedicated to learning more about him.  In the conversation, with the podcast host, Ilissa Miller, Matney dives into the revolutionary strides he is undertaking to help make the world’s first master-planned data center community an environmentally sustainable reality today and well into the future. Matney’s unique background in physics and studies in freshwater science, real estate, and aviation, are uniquely combined, making him a key player in Quantum Loophole’s vision and commitment to being committed stewards of the 2,100 acre site that is currently under development.

In the podcast discussion, Matney shares insights to his role as an environmental technologist, steering Quantum Loophole’s decarbonization initiatives – revolutionizing mass-scale data center development for the industry. Rooted in his role at Quantum Loophole is his personal deep connection with nature. As such, Matney oozes excitement for the ability he has to positively impact and emphasize the opportunities and ultimately the importance of partnering with natural ecosystems for a cleaner, greener digital future. This is a driving force for Quantum Loophole’s innovative approach, which includes – in-part-  using treated wastewater for cooling, paving the way for a more sustainable data center industry.

A key feature Matney shares on the program is his role in designing a nature preserve across the 3.5 square mile development area. The 600-acre nature preserve is designed to enhance the environment and capture carbon, standing out as a pioneering effort in creating a carbon-negative industrial site. The plans include the creation of nature trails designed to bring out and help flourish the natural landscape, flora and surroundings that this traditionally agricultural community embraces.

Tune in to NEDAS Live! Episode 47, “Green Horizons: Quantum Loophole’s Sustainable Data Center Revolution,” to learn more about Justin Matney’s journey and how Quantum Loophole continues to pave the way towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future for data centers. Click here to listen to the full episode.