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This invitation-only summit will focus on trends in blockchain technology and opportunities for the cloud and datacenter industry.

Since emerging in the IT scene in 2008 with the launch of Bitcoin, blockchain has evolved to become a revolutionary tool for the decentralization of financial transactions and processes across a wide range of industries. Companies around the world are beginning to recognize the inherent value and versatility of blockchain, discovering new ways to incorporate this groundbreaking technology into transactional operations to ensure unprecedented levels of security, accuracy and accountability.

Blockchain Meets the Cloud

While revolutionary in its own right, the true value of blockchain lies in its ability to complement existing technologies, bringing an added layer of security utilizing cryptographic building blocks. Most notably, enterprises the world over are beginning to converge blockchain and cloud computing capabilities to create a new and effective means for the execution and verification of transactions, eliminating centralized points of vulnerability and providing a means of permanent data storage that is virtually incorruptible.

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