NEDAS NYC In-Building Wireless Summit 2015 – March 31, 2015

The NEDAS Third Annual Spring In-Building Wireless Summit brings together leading industry executives, vendors, service providers and end-users for learning, sharing, collaborating and presentations on cutting-edge DAS, Wi-Fi, and small cell technology solutions.   The Third Annual Spring 2015 Summit takes place March 31, 2015 in New York City.  Industry executives, providers, end-users, IT managers, network engineers, architects, vendors and more attend and take part in pre-event training sessions and panel discussions that explore the evolving landscape of in-building wireless solutions and technologies.  This event explores through a collaborative and open environment solutions that will support the convergence of wireline and wireless technologies inherent in today’s hybrid wireless systems (a.k.a. heterogeneous networks).


With over 300 expected attendees, the NEDAS NYC In-Building Wireless Summit ‘Peering into the Future’ is one of the largest congregations of in-building wireless and heterogeneous of network professionals and end-users.  The all-day program will consist of panel discussions, educational seminars and networking opportunities to encourage and educate attendees about the challenges, trends and concerns associated with adopting in-building solutions and how they can leverage these technologies to serve the needs of end-users each day to support the exploding demand that continues to drive communication network solutions indoors. Prior to the all-day Summit, there will be a pre-event training session, expanding on the knowledge and development of in-building wireless technology.


The NEDAS Spring Wireless Summit will bring together telecom and technology architects, real estate owners and managers, government and city officials, arena and stadium infrastructure manager, consulting engineers, public safety officials, builders, health care technology officers, university information officials, wireless carriers, and telecommunications vendors to expand their knowledge as well as network with colleagues throughout the industry.


As a company you will have the unique opportunity to gain access to some of the industry’s most forward thinking professionals while gaining unparalleled branding exposure to over 10,000 industry professionals, social media shout-outs, recognition at NEDAS events, speaking opportunities and gain new connections with like-minded industry professionals.

Q & A:

I can only stay for a short period of time. Do you offer partial registration fees?

The cost to attend the In-Building Summit is a flat rate. We do not offer partial registration fees. Early bird registration fees are available until March 4, 2015.

Do I need to bring my ticket to the event?

You do not need to bring your ticket with you. The NEDAS staff will check you in by your last name upon arriving. However, in the instance your last name cannot be located it would be beneficial to have the confirmation email accessible.

Who attends the NEDAS Summits?

Typically, the NEDAS Summits have a wide variety of carriers, integrators, REIT/building owners, consultants, developer and/or architectural firm, enterprise and/or tenants, municipalities, public-safety personnel, and equipment manufacturers. These experts converge at multiple NEDAS events to discuss the best solutions for deploying robust cellular coverage and capacity across versatile venues.

Our company would like to sponsor the In-Building Wireless Summit. How do we find available options?

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the In-Building Wireless Summit, however options are limited. You can access the sponsorship availability by clicking HERE or contact the NEDAS staff at

I am an end-user, how do I access my complimentary admission?

All end-users and carriers require pre-authorization by the NEDAS staff in order to access the free pass. Please contact for approval.

NEDAS NYC 2015 – Welcome & Introduction

NEDAS NYC 2015 – RFP Do’s and Don’ts

NEDAS NYC 2015 – Tower Safety: Key Developments

NEDAS NYC 2015 – DAS & Wi Fi: – A Symbiotic Relationship

NEDAS NYC 2015 – DAS Design and Deployment: Start to Finish

NEDAS NYC 2015 – Base Station Hoteling – Micro Solution Deployments

NEDAS NYC 2015 – Third Party Validation for DAS Systems: An Inside or Outside Job

NEDAS NYC 2015 – Zoning, Jurisdictions, Rights of Way Navigating Permits for Deployments

NEDAS NYC 2015 – The Macro View: Back Haul Solutions & Strategies


Exclusive Event Sponsor

NEDAS Summits have consistently targeted key decision-makers and end-users relevant to our sponsors and attendees. This is not an open-door event. All interested parties are vetted, offering an exclusive opportunity to learn, teach and network with the right people in a relaxing and friendly environment. This event is FREE for all end-users.

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