HetNet: Virtualization Strategies for the Next Big Network Trend – November 12, 2015

NEDAS partner DASPedia and wireless technology leader RanPlan have teamed up to present “Planning Virtualization Across the HetNet”, an educational webinar taking place Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET.  Featuring experts from the DAS, small cell and Wi-Fi communities, the webinar will explore the challenges and cost pressures of network virtualisation for indoor and indoor / outdoor HetNets.  It will also introduce viewers to a new network planning tool that supports the design and optimization of outdoor / indoor wireless networks.

Planning Virtualization Across the HetNet

Radio access networks are evolving. The rise of mobile data and today’s consumption trends are pushing the boundaries of the “one size fits all” outdoor macro network model, requiring HetNet to increase capacity and improve coverage depth indoors, rather than outside.  While HetNet’s distributed architecture is effective in many indoor environments, increased traffic demand, advanced signal processing techniques and limited connection bandwidth are presenting new challenges for the network.

A promising solution to these challenges is network virtualization, which centralizes resources into a single pool for easier management and allocation in order to mitigate interference between cells.  However, for many, the move to virtualization for HetNet presents its own set of challenges, and is easier said then done.

  • How can providers overcome the challenges posed by distributed and centralised network infrastructure as it continues to grow and evolve?
  • How can outdoor / indoor wireless network providers simplify the move to HetNet virtualization?
  • What tools can be used to speed up and reduce the cost of deploying HetNet with network virtualisation?

To get the answers to these questions and more, join us Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET for the “Planning Virtualization Across the HetNet” webinar.


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