NEDAS NYC Spring In-Building Wireless Summit Agenda

8:00 AMRegistration
8:00-9:00 AMExhibitor Set Up
9:15-9:30 AMOpening Remarks
9:30 -10:00 AMOpening Keynote-Peering into the Future
10:00-10:50 AMRFP Do’s and Don’t’s
Sponsored by: SQUAN
10:55-11:15 AMTower Safety: Key Developments
11:15-12:00 PMDAS & WiFi- A Symbiotic Relationship
12:10-12:55 PMDAS Design and Deployment from Start to Finish
Sponsored by: Snyder & Snyder
1:00-2:00 PMLunch/ Exhibits
2:15-3:00 PMBase Station Hotelling- Micro Solution Deployments
3:10-3:55 PMThird Party Validation for DAS Systems: An Inside or Outside Job?
Sponsored by: V-COMM
4:00-4:35 PMZoning, Jurisdiction, Rights of Way- Navigating Permits for Deployments
4:35- 4:55 PMThe Macro View: Back-Haul Solutions & Strategies
4:55-5:00 PMConference Closing Remarks
5:00-8:00 PMCocktail Reception