E43: Building Data Center Communities in Maryland with Quantum Loophole Senior Vice President Richard Paul-Hus – Brought to You by Center Maryland

This week’s program is a special edition, brought to you by our friends at Center Maryland with industry disruptor, Quantum Loophole, the first master-planned data center community reshaping the way site selection and giga-watt scale data centers are brought to market.
Richard Paul-Hus joins Center Maryland’s The Lobby to discuss the Quantum Loophole data project in Maryland. In 2021, Quantum Loophole acquired over 2,100 acres of land in Frederick County, Maryland to develop a first-of-its kind master-plan data center community.
Richard Paul-Hus is the Senior Vice President of Quantum Loophole. Learn more about the Quantum Loophole project here.
Building Data Centers – And Maryland’s Future: https://centermaryland.org/blog/building-data-centers-and-marylands-future/
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Building Data Center Communities in Maryland – Maryland to You by Center Maryland