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Originally posted to AGL Media Group by J. Sharpe Smith.

The reasoning behind Corning’s purchase of SpiderCloud Wireless, which was announced in late July, echoes a trend throughout the wireless industry as it tries to solve the puzzle of providing wireless in the enterprise space.

“The solution needs to be cost effective, enable for multiple operators, create opportunities for new business models for cost sharing and you gotta have a signal source,” said Mike Collado, director, applications marketing – wireless. He believes that is just what will result from the combination of Corning One and SpiderCloud Wireless.

Corning began working with SpiderCloud a couple of years ago looking to evolve in-building wireless beyond the choice of either a multi-operator DAS or single-carrier small cells.

“We saw networks evolving toward a combination end-to-end solution of a centralized base band with flexible distribution to the edge,” Bill Cune, vice president, commercial technology wireless, said.

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