Advisory Committees

A big part of NEDAS are the people beside us, supporting our cause. They are industry leaders, men and women from a diverse set of fields with limitless knowledge to offer. Learn a little about what makes each Committee unique to NEDAS and how you might find yourself eager to help!


“Quality over quantity”

Every NEDAS event provides attendees the opportunity to engage directly with key decision-makers within specific regions, promoting collaboration and discussion across the entire communications ecosystem.

In order to certify the efficacy of NEDAS’s events, the Programs Committee ensures each event has its own unique focus on relevant and cutting-edge topics, offering fresh, valuable and high-quality content to attendees.

The Programs Committee is responsible for identifying informed industry insiders, sought-after keynote speakers and top-quality thought leadership for the NEDAS community. This committee identifies the key subject areas that matter most to NEDAS members and guests and ensures all programs align with these interests to deliver the most successful experiences and valuable opportunities.


How do I meet people at NEDAS?

How do I know who’s who?

How do I get more involved at NEDAS events?

How can I engage with the right people?

Led by Committee Chair Douglas Fishman, the Welcoming Committee focuses on developing programs and outreach initiatives to grow the NEDAS community and foster even greater opportunities for ecosystem-wide collaboration. The Committee is also responsible for greeting new attendees and assisting as they integrate into the NEDAS community, ensuring that they understand who’s who and garner the greatest success as they meet with speakers, engage in discussion and foster innovation.

With the help of the Welcoming Committee, both new and existing members of NEDAS can rest assured that they are fully informed about fellow members and programs and best prepared to meet collaborators and maximize their involvement and impact on communications.


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

Giving back in our community is one of the most powerful actions you can do. In 2020, NEDAS is working with industry charities to raise awareness and provide funding for groups that give back to the entities that support and enable our industry. As the Chair of the NEDAS Charity Committee, Laurie Caruso works with the other committee members to identify great causes and raise awareness for selected charitable organizations at all NEDAS events.

At past events, NEDAS has supported charities such as the Tower Family Foundation, implementing campaigns to drive corporate and individual donations that help families of those that were injured or lost their lives working on communications tower installations. In this way, NEDAS focuses on strengthening the communications landscape and giving back to the community through the amplification of charitable opportunities.


There is a crisis in the technology world today. We must do something about it.” – Steve Yapsuga

Across the world of technology and communications, the talent gap is widening, HR is becoming strained, companies are growing leaner against the struggle to find necessary skill and mentorship is becoming more scarce. Up-and-comers among the millennial and generation Z populations are missing great mentors and critical leadership.

To help the next generation find careers in tech and telecom and ensure that these industries are supported with the talent they require to sustain, the Workforce Committee is focused on bridging the workforce divide for millennials, gen Z, women and minorities.

This is accomplished by advocating for more leadership opportunities, creating more platforms for skills development, shedding light on this challenge and fostering necessary solutions. In doing so, the NEDAS Workforce Committee hopes to tackle the skills gap, creating more job awareness and helping the industry deliver more training to the future generations that will build the connected future.